generic is not a character: he's a premise for you to work from when you build yours

Characters on Korrin are built Top-Down, not Bottom-Up

AKA: you should start with the Idea you want, and make the rules make it happen. If you can’t figure out how D&D rules let that actually happen just talk to me (rules bend when the GM gets involved)
starting with the rules and then putting flavor in later can get really boring

Basic Rules:

  • Some Classes work differently (see Wiki)
  • you don’t get max HP on your first hit die: you get an extra d8 (humanoid hit die) at level 1 (skills,etc included. see bestiary)
  • assume that you have a +1 level adjustment. If you don’t think you need one, think “X-men”
  • be creative
    (a 2 headed character, that has 2 different classes, and each head is controlled by a different player would be a wonderful idea)
  • Ad-hoc rules in plentiful supply

(creatures are likewise more powerful/ more numerous…)


you may need a brief backstory


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