Jason Dross

I never wanted to fight. now I fight to keep other people safe from these kind of things.


you’ve heard tales of this man. “Jason Dross”. claims to be the finest smith in the land. Rumor says he never sleeps either. Those rumors are part of why you came. He knows things. Many people are afraid of him, but if something goes wrong…most of the neighbors come here. Well. stories abound but he doesn’t seem to sleep.

It’s dark, ducking into the smithy. The first note you catch is the one ornate sword hung at the wall—simple, but the colors seem… off. Shouldn’t steel be one solid color? and the gold inlay-ed in the tip of the blade; Yes, this is the right place, but where is the help? does he really run his forge alone?

Then you see him.
Gaunt, but not shockingly so. His hair seems dead, and his eyes sunken, from lack of rest. The man sets down his work, still hot, on the anvil. he’s not wearing a work apron. more like hunting gear. He Smiles, no teeth visible, as he walks turns to you. ‘What can I get for you?’ he asks almost humbly—there’s an odd air about him—as he gestures to this thing or that, walking the space to you. A barrel of horse shoes, 2 more of those strange swords in a racking the corner, a half-finished set of plate mail. He doesn’t take off his gloves as he shakes your hand.

“But perhaps, you’re not interested in the wares. are you.”


The third son in his family, he never really expected to inherit anything—not that there was much to inherit as a tanner’s son.

  • His father and eldest brother died of “winter”.
  • his next brother was conscripted into the army, and was killed in transit to the main camp.
  • Jason, by this time had happened, had apprenticed himself to the blacksmith (who already had 3 sons to inherit the business), and had alienated the entire village, proving he was more talented than his master. (see “dross blade”, under items.)
  • Went to investigate his brother’s death, and was slaughtered by ghouls.
  • His older sister inherited the family business.
  • His younger sister seems to have gone missing, presumed to have run way with some soldier

Jason is currently seeking to destroy the necromancer, who began all this war.
He also refuses to eat human flesh. Venison works just fine…raw.

Jason Dross

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