Dross Blade

um...i didn't think *anyone* could make one of those...

weapon (melee)

curiously, not unique.

the dross blades were invented by the little famed Jason tanner. to date, he’s still the only one who can make them.
Extremely finely crafted, they incorporate—and prominently display almost every common mineral into one part of the design or another. while the grip first appears to be leather, a closer view shows that it’s bands fuse perfectly into the metal around it and are themselves a composite of clay and brass. the primary edge is held keen in a razors line of mithirial, and the application of both Gold and adamantine gives it more the weighting of a war hammer than the longsword it resembles.
despite it’s finery, the work seems frail—twisted, and some parts come together at unusual angles. if one were ever damaged…

non magical
damage -1d10 (slashing) Crit-19-20, x3
+3 enhancement bonus to attack and damage, also overcomes all material based damage reductions.
hardness: 2d20-10 hp per inch: 1d6

proper wielding requires proficiency in both a longsword and a war hammer, as well as one months practice with the particular weapon. does not bestow its enhncement bonuses unless you are proficient.

price: 40,000gp
cost to create: 5 months of dross filings from a common blacksmiths forge. and a lot of time.

cannot be repaired by any means. two broken blades can be melted down together to forge one new—assuming you know how: which you don’t.


Dross Blade

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