New Rules

Class Variants—

Tome Mage (alternative “wizard” class—both this and normal wizards co-existent)
the tome mage trades time for power. by reading directly from his spellbook as he casts, it can take him 3-5 rounds to cast a single spell, but in exchange, he can cast any spell without preparation—at double the caster level of a wizard.
Keep in mind that combat may well be over by the time he actually finnishes casting.

Saint (replacement cleric class)
funny how much commentary there is online about clerics. some think they’re all the same (the major point of custmization being their domains, and some think this to be a small thing, being only 1 pell per level each day). Others think them too powerful (full combat fighter AND full caster! the unlimited spell list may contrubute to the overpowered idea as well). To be frank, I would pose grievences against the “heal-bus” expectation. certainly, the capacity should be there (they are the expected primary-healer), but if they happen to be a cleric of destruction and chaos, I question whether they would have the ability to heal, clearly lacking the disposition to do so.
I got going on a new class thinking of these things, and I think it adresses all of these things. It needs LOTS and lots of tweaking, but I think it should work.
they really give the impression of representing a higher power when certain effects are brought into play early on—but I don’t thinks it should be off ballencing if we can just handel them correctly.

Seeking to widen the distinction between wizard and sorcerer (not truely necessary in some cases), here are a few additional options a sorcerer might be interested in.

General Rulings
Saving Throws

Changes to basic rules
House Rule—Armor
House Rule—Base attack Lethality (failure)
House Rule—Trauma effects

New Rules

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