Cleric Variant—Patron Saint
Roll: well; that depends on what you worship. Primarily supportive.

Proficiencies: proficient with light and medium armor and shields. Weapon proficiency as cleric.
Arcane Spell Failure: No.
Class Features:
Spell casting: must prepare spells through 1 hour of prayer. Different deities may have stipulations on when spell preparation must occur.

Patron: Cleric’s worship deities (get used to it), and in response to this, the deities grant them a portion of their own power, in the form of 3 cleric domains, (These domains are not like those described in D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder: they are described below.) which each grant between 1 and 4 specific powers. Almost anything can be granted; for example, the war domain grants proficiency with all martial weapons, while the chaos domain grants several supernatural abilities, and the fire domain adds certain spells to your spell list. Each deity has a specific portfolio of domains they grant.
The powers granted through these domains tie the cleric to their deity, and as such, the closer one follows to the ideals of their master, the greater benefit they receive from such. A cleric who’s alignment is perfectly aligned with their deity, or only 1 step off from their deity may access 2 of their 3 domains per day (a NG CN or CG cleric of a CG deity, for example), and a cleric 2 steps off (a NN CE or LG cleric of the same CG deity) may access only One. A cleric 3 or 4 steps off has stands in dire need of atonement, and is not granted any powers or spells.
Clerics with no deity only know 2 domains, rather than 3. thus, while most clerics choose which 2 of their 3 they will use on any given day, a cleric with no deity is mitigated to the same selection each day.

Aura: a cleric bears an alignment aura matching their deity (not them self). The strength of this aura depends on their level, just as the aura of a spell does, though it is one step stronger than the aura would be for a spell.

Faith Talents: a cleric draw his power from the devotion he pays to a higher cause. This faith pools in them and can be manifest in several talents a cleric can learn. A cleric knows 1 talent at level 2 and learns more as they progress. They have a reserve of faith points=(2*cleric level + Wis modifier), which is replenished each day, when they prepare spells. The DC for any effect created by a faith power (assuming it allows a save) is 10 + 1/2 cleric level + Charisma modifier.

  • Faith casting : cast any cleric spell, to which you have access, by spending a number of faith points = 2*spell level. A spell so cast cannot be more than 2 spell levels higher than the cleric could normally cast.
  • Wrath Touch : as a swift action you may charge your next melee attack to get a bonus to hit equal to double your charisma modifier, and a bonus to damage equal to 1.5 times your cleric level (round down). At your option, you may deliver this attack with a touch, instead on a normal weapon attack. just as a touch spell, you may hold the charge until you hit, to a maximum number of rounds equal to your cleric level. Costs 4 faith points/ use.
  • Overwhelming Faith : Whenever any target must save against one of your spells faith powers or domain powers, their roll is treated as though it had been 2 lower. In addition to the basic “-2” penalty, this also means that they cannot automatically save on a 20 (since it’s actually an 18), and they do automatically fail on a 3 or below (since they automatically fail on 1’s). Permanently decrease your faith pool by 8, you may not select this talent, if this would reduce your pool to 0 or fewer.
  • Positive/Negative-Energy Burst : good clerics use positive energy, and evil clerics use negative energy, but neutral clerics may choose either at the time they learn this ability.
    Negative energy may be used to harm the living, or heal undead, while positive energy heals the living, and harms undead.
    As a standard action, spending 2 faith points to activate. deal 1d6 +1d6 for ever 3 cleric levels beyond first (4th, 7th, etc.) positive or negative energy damage in a 20 foot burst, centered on you (you may choose to include or exclude yourself), OR create a healing burst in the same area healing.
  • Spontaneous spellcasting : spontaneously cast cure or inflict spells, by giving up a prepared spell of equivalent level or higher. Good clerics cure. Evil clerics inflict. Neutral clerics choose, when they learn this ability.
  • More Faith : you gain 5 extra faith points.
  • More Domains : you gain an additional domain, provided by your deity, available to you when choosing which domains you will carry for the day. This option may be selected multiple times, up until you possess all domains provided by your deity. Reduce your faith pool by 2 each time you select More Domains , you may not select it, if this would reduce your pool to 1 or fewer.
  • Spare Daily Domain :you gain the benefit’s of an additional domain you have access to each day. This option may be selected multiple times. Reduce your faith pool by 4 each time you select Spare Daily Domain , you may not select it, if this would reduce your pool to 1 or fewer.
  • Prayer of faith : you may cast prayer as a Supernatural ability, at the cost of 1 faith point.
  • The Gods know no bounds (Ex): at the cost of 13 faith points per use, you may manifest the effect of spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability granted to you by your diety, as an Extrordinary (nonmagical) ability instead.

Faith Talent

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Domains, Faith pool, Aura


Faith Talent

3 4—2—
4 4—2—1—

Faith Talent


7 4—3—3—2—

9 4—4—3—3—2—

11 4—4—4—3—3—2—


Faith Talent


15..... 4—4—4—4—4—3—3—2—


Faith Talent


19 4—4—4—4—4—4—4—3—3—2—


Deity Domains.

Wind Fist(Su): you may make any bull-rush, Trip, or ranged attack for 1d4 nonlethal damage, each as though you had a reach 10 feet farther than you actually do. You do gain a + 1 enhancement bonus on all related rolls for every 5 cleric levels you posses. Each round of so doing costs 1 faith point.
Air Magic: you may use mage hand at will, or Gust of Wind by spending 1 faith point.
Feather Fall(Su): you benefit from a continuous feather fall effect.
Wind’s protection(Su): at 5th level and higher, you gain the benefit of the deflect arrows feat, except that you do not require a free hand, or to be aware of the attack in order to be protected so. Regardless of your level, you may spend 1 faith point to catch the “arrow” instead, or 3 points, to hurl it back, as per the snatch arrows feat, though there is no limit to the number of times you may use this second effect per round and you must be aware of the attack.
Animal Friend (Su): You may Channel energy to heal or command animals, as though using the Command undead feat. You may do so 3/day, or by spending 2 faith points for additional uses. You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Extra Channel and Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Elemental Channel and Alignment Channel. The DC to save against these feats is equal to 10 + 1/2 your cleric level + your Charisma modifier.
Animal aspect (Su): by spending 1 faith point, you may gain any one of the following aspects for 1 minute.
Fur: + 2 natural armor
Teeth: 1d8 bite attack.
Claws: two 1d4 claw attacks.
Scent: scent, with range 30 feet.
Movement: gain a burrow, climb, or swim, speed, equal to 75% of your base land speed, rounded down.
Any weapons or armor gained in this way have a + 1 enhancement bonus for every 6 cleric levels you posses.
Mending(Su): you may cast mending at will. By concentrating, you can repair any object of 1 hp of damage per level, minus the object’s hardness.
Fabricate(Su): add Fabricate to your cleric spell list. You may also cast fabricate as a supernatural ability, at the cost of 9 faith points.
Smite Law(Su): you may smite Law as a paladin smites evil 1/day + 1/day for every 5 cleric levels.
Entropic warding(Su): you cannot be tracked.
Random Chance(Su): any time a magic effect is activated within 30 ft of you that has a random chance effect (arcane spell failure, prismatic spray spell, rod of wonder), roll twice to determine it’s result, and choose whichever you desire. Every time this occurs, and both rolls are not the same, spend 1 faith point. If you have no faith points, this ability does not activate.
Chaos Shield(Su): you may spend 3 faith points as a move action. If you do, any attacks directed against you suffer a miss chance equal to 15% x 1/4 your cleric level, for 3 rounds.
Charming Smile(Su): as a swift action, you may spend 1 faith point to Charm any Humanoid target, or target of your own type, if you are not humanoid, within 30 feet. (DC 10 + 1/2 cleric level + Wis modifier)
Cunning Words(Su):when using any skill check to influence the attitude of an npc, determine the DC as though they were already 1 category more friendly than they actually are.
Gentleness(Su): you are continuously affected as though by a sanctuary spell (DC 10 + 1/2 cleric level + wis modifier). You may break the effect as a free action, though if you do, it cannot be resumed until 10 minutes after combat has ended. At 5th level and higher, you may extend this effect to another target, as a standard action, by spending 4 faith points. (if the effect breaks for you, it reaks for everyone.)
Aura of Death(Su): each creature with 0 or fewer HP within 30 ft of you loses 1 hp at the beginning of each of your turns. You cannot negate this ability voluntarily, nor can you exclude specific creatures, but you may, as a move action, deal an additional 2 damage to any affected creatures of your choice.
Dirge Strike: if you are 6th level or higher you may, 2/day, choose to have any single-target attack you make (weapon or spell) deal 1 negative level, before it delivers it’s normal effect. You must choose whether to apply this power before you know whether the attack hits, and it is wasted in the event of a miss. You may apply this effect to a single attack as many times as you care to spend uses for.
By spending 4 faith points, you may deliver an additional Dirge Strike/ day.
Violence: any time you deal damage, deal + 1 damage, plus 1 for every 5 cleric levels you posses.
Desolation(Su): 3/day + Wis modifier ignore the damage reduction, hardness, energy resistance, spell resistance, or immunity a single target has against a damaging effect, including an ordinary attack, you use against it.
Thrallherd(Sp): as a standard action, you may cast Charm Person, as a spell-like ability. At 8th level or higher you may instead use Charm Monster or Dominate Person. At 15th level or higher, you may use Dominate Monster instead. You may use this ability a number of times per day =2 + Wis modifier.
Thrall: you automatically fail will saves against higher level clerics of your own deity.
Persuasive: you gain an enhancement bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks = 1/3 your cleric level (round down).
Rugged: + 4 vs Bull Rush, and all Fortitude saves.
Earthshaking Step(Su): by spending 1 faith point, and a move action, you may shake the ground to knock all enemies prone withing 20 feet. (Ref save)
Hardened(Su): + 2 + 1/5cleric levels bonus to natural armor
Smite Good(Su): you may smite Good as a paladin smites evil 1/day + 1/day for every 5 cleric levels.
Temptation: as a standard action, you may spend 1 faith point to give a suggestion to another creature to commit an evil act (murder is an evil act). If they fail a will save (DC 10 + Wis bonus + 1/2cleric level) and commit the act, then their alignment instantaneously becomes evil, and their attitude becomes one step more friendly toward you. At 10th level and higher, this also has the effect of a suggestion spell (separate save).
Pain(Su): as a standard action, 3/day, or any additional times, by spending 2 faith points, you may inflict pain on any target within 30 feet. The target must make a fortitude save or become sickened for as long as you concentrate, and take 1d4 nonlethal damage + 1d4 for every 4 cleric levels you posses. Furthermore, at 8th level, the sickened effect increases to nauseated, and at 16th level increases to paralyzed.
Corruption: you may choose to corrupt any spell you cast to have it deal 1 + 1/4levels vile damage, in addition to it’s normal effects.
Pyro(Sp): may cast spark, at will. At 4th level and higher, you may cast Pyrotechnics at will. At 10th level and higher, you may use or concentrate on either ability as a move action.
Fire Magic: add Scorching Ray, Fireball, Wall of Fire, and Meteor Swarm to your cleric spell list
+ 5 faith points
Glorious(Su): by spending 1 faith point, you may increase your Charisma by + 4 for 10 minutes. This ability does not stack with it’s self.
Smite Evil(Su): you may smite Evil as a paladin smites evil 1/day + 1/day for every 5 cleric levels.
Holy Power: you may spontaneously cast any cleric spell with the “good” descriptor, by giving up a prepared spell of the same level or higher.
Divine Protection: + 1 to all saves, and to AC, and CMD.
Healer:You may prepare and cast healing spells as though they were 1 spell level lower.
Healing Gift: you heal 1 hp per hour. At 3rd level, this increases to 1 hp per minute, and at 5th level it increases to fast healing equal to one fifth you Cleric level.
Stabilize(Su): by spending 1 faith point, you may use an attack action to touch any target. That target gains life to raise it to 0 hp, and stable.
Knowledgeable: you may make untrained knowledge checks as though you had ranks=1/2 your class level. Trained checks gain a + 2 bonus.(or maybe, instead: you may make knowledge checks untrained. You gain a bonus on knowledge checks =2 + 1/6cleric levels)
Lore Keeper (Sp): You can touch a creature to learn about its abilities and weaknesses. With a successful touch attack, you gain information as if you made the appropriate Knowledge skill check with a result equal to 15 + your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier.
Secret Keeper (Sp): at 10th level and higher you may use Modify Memory, once per day.
Uncorrupted: you gain the lawful subtype. This makes you susceptible to some effects, but also causes all your attacks to be treated as lawful aligned, as well as a few other things.
Unridden: You gain immunity disease, and possession.
Dignant: + 4 saves vs charm compulsion and fear.
Lucky(Ex): any time you make skill check, saving throw, caster level check, attack roll, damage roll, or percentile roll you may spend faith points to re-roll that roll in an attempt to get a better result. If you re-roll before you know the result of the roll it cost’s 2 points; if you choose to re-roll after you know the result, it costs 5. You must abide by the result of the re-roll—unless you activate this ability again.
Magic Sense: you automatically identify any spell that is cast or has an effect within 10 feet of you.
Spell Knowledge: for every faith point you spend, you may prepare a sorcerer/wizard spell in place of one of your cleric spells per day. These spells are treated as being on your class list, though they are cast as arcane spells, until you prepare spells the next day.
Divine Counterspell(Su): by spending 2 faith points you may make a caster level check to suppress any magical effect within 50 feet of your location. If you may either suppress an ongiong effect, in which case the duration is 1 round/cleric level, or if you have readied an action to do so, you may use this to counter a spell as it is being cast. Counterspelling, it is instantaneous.
Insanity: + 4 circumstance bonus to saves vs charm, and compulsion. Immunity to confusion and insanity effects.
Warped Mind: once per round you may spend 1 faith point to re-roll any save vs a mind influencing effect, or illusion, that has effected you within a number of rounds equal to your cleric level.
Unearthly Thoughts: Whenever you are subject to a divination or mind influencing ability, or any other effect would let your thoughts touch those of another intelligent creature, that creature must save (will save DC=10 + 1/2cleric level + Cha mod) or take 1d4 wisdom damage. Repeat this save every round. Those reduced to 0 may become insane, catatonic, mindless or some other effect, at the DM’s discretion.
Silver Tongue(Sp): by spending 2 faith points as a standard action, you may use Command, as the spell. At 8th level or higher, you may use Suggestion instead, though this requires 3 faith points.
Presence of Royalty(Su): all allies within a range of 5ft*cleric level gain a + 1 moral bonus on all attack rolls, damage rolls, skill checks, ability checks, combat maneuver rolls and saving throws. This bonus increases by + 1 for every 6 cleric levels you possess.
Tree stride: you may tree stride, as the spell, once per day per 4 cleric levels you posses. The distance you may travel with this ability is 10 ft per cleric level.
Speak with Plants(Su): as the spell. Continuous.
. (domain spells)
Damage Reduction: you have DR equal to one third your cleric level. It stacks with all other damage reduction, and may be overcome by any alignment directly opposed to your own (not your deity).
Shield Other: choose an ally within 100ft. You take half the damage they would take from any effect they suffer, and their damage is reduced by a like amount. Standard action, duration 1 minute per level, dismissable. Cost: 3 faith points. You may affect a number of targets at once equal to 1 + 1/4 your cleric level.
Energy resistance: spend 1 faith point, as an immediate action or a move action, to gain energy resistance 5 of your choice, for 1 minute. This ability stacks with itself, and any other energy resistance you may possess.
Renewal —needs editing—the idea is limited restoration atonement, and similar effects
Natural Healing (Su): You can channel positive energy 3/day, or by spending 2 faith points for additional uses. You may reduce the number of dice healed to cure ability damage (your choice) to all affected creatures, curing 1 point of ability damage for each d4 that the channel energy is reduced. You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Extra Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Elemental Channel and Alignment Channel.
Touch of Purity(Su): at 5th level and higher you can cure any nonmagical poison or disease with a touch. You may also cure magical poisons, diseases, and curses, as well as blindness, deafness, or any other effect that would be cured by a restoration spell. To cure any magical effect requires a caster level check with a DC equal to the save DC of the original effect.
Only one such malady may be cured with a given use of this ability, even if multipe instances of the same effect exist.
This costs 1 faith point, or 1/4 the caster level check DC.
Death Watch(Su): you continuously benefit from a death watch ability at close range (25ft+5ft/cleric level)
Restful touch(Su): any time you touch a living or undead creature you may choose to deal 1d4 nonlethal damage. This damage increases to 1d6 at 4th level, 1d8 at 8th level, 2d6 at 12th, 3d6 at 16th, and 4d6 at 20th levels. For every 5 points of damage dealt by a touch, the creature becomes increasingly more lethargic. First fatigued, then exhausted, then unconscious.
This affects undead, despite their normal immunities.
Presence of Calm(Su): all death and necromancy effects within 30 feet of you have their saving throw DCs reduced by an amount equal to your charisma Modifier.
Rage: + 4 Str, + 2Con?, -2AC. Usable for a number of rounds/day equal cleric level + Constitution modifier. After each rage. You are fatigue for twice the duration of your rage. Just as a barbarian, you cannot take any action requiring concentration (such as casting a spell) while raging, and cannot rage while fatigued. At level 10 the strength bonus increases to + 6.
Might of the Gods(Su):1/day + 1/10cleric levels you may add you cleric level to your strength score, for one action.
Light(Su): you may choose to shed an aura of bright light in an area around you equal to 5ft*(cleric level -2). This is treated as a light spell of the maximum spell level you can cast, for purposes of interacting with other spells, and is treated as natural sunlight by creatures vulnerable to light. Beyond your aura of bright light you have 10 ft of normal light followed by shadowy illumination to a distance equal to the aura of bright light.
Brilliant Power(Su): as a swift action you may spend 5 faith points to imbue any weapon you wield to strike as though it had the brilliant energy property. It does not actually gain this property, and you may choose to imbue any attack; a hand held weapon gains the effect for 1 round per level, though, anything else maintains the effect for only 1 round.
Swift: : + 10ft to your base movement speed.
Travel Magic:Add Teleport and Plane Shift to your spell list. You treat these as 4th level spells.
Swift Travel: 3/day +1 per point of Wisdom bonus you have you may move a distance equal to the distance you could cover with a single move action (including climbing or swimming, though you do not have to make such checks during a swift move), as a swift action. You may spend 1 faith point, as a move action to recharge a use of this ability.
JourneyMaster: +5 bonus on Survival checks and Knowledge (Local—any location you are currently in) checks.
Deceptive (Ex): +4 on Bluff, slight of hand, and Stealth checks, as well as the saving throws DC against any illusion you cast.
Shrouded(Su): you gain spell resistance equal to your cleric level plus your Charisma Modifier, but only against Divinations. This even effects divinations not normally subject to spell resistance.
Glamors(Sp): you may cast Ghost sound, Prestidigitation, and Silent image each at will.
Touch of Animation(Su): as a standard action you may animate any corpse within reach as a Skeleton or Zombie. These undead are automatically under your control for a number of rounds equal to your cleric level.
Undead Empathy: non intelligent Undead see you as one of their kind (and thus will not always automatically attack you:treat starting attitude as indifferent to you, and hostile to all others). Furthermore, you may use Diplomacy to influence their actions, as though they were intelligent (if “indifferent” then they will not to attack without orders, if “helpful” treat them as charmed). You gain a +4 Diplomacy to influence undead that ARE intelligent.
Weapon Proficiency: you are Proficient with all Martial Weapons, and have Weapon Focus with your Deity’s favored Weapon.
Armor: you are proficient with heavy armor and shields, including tower shields.
Warrior’s edge: +1 weapon damage rolls, and +1 for every 6 cleric levels you have.
Water Breathing(Su): you may breath air and water equally well.
Animate Water(Sp): as a full round action, spending 4 faith points you may cause any sufficiently large body of water to animate, as a Water Elemental, for 1 round per Cleric Level. The size of the elemental (provided you have enough water) is based on your level: 1-6 small, 7-11 medium, 12-15 Large, 16-20 Huge.
Ocean’s Whim(Ex): at 5th level and higher, you may walk on water. At 10th level and higher, you may act as though using freedom of movement while at least waist deep in water.
Storm Adaptation(Su): by spending 2 faith points, as a free action you may choose to either ignore all concealment, and movement penalties for poor weather, or treat heat conditions as being 1 degree warmer or colder (your choice), for determining their effects on you. This effect lasts 10 minutes, though you may extend the effect to 1 day, by spending 5 faith points, rather than 2.
Lightning(Su): by spending 3 faith points, as a standard action, you may call lightning on any creature within 10 feet per cleric level. The lightning deals 1d6 damage + 1d6 for every 3 cleric levels you have above first.
Fog (Su): as a move action, you may cast obscuring mist, by spending 1 faith point, or destroy (disperse) any similar effect (magical or nonmagical) by spending 2. The fog created by this power is considered to be nonmagical, once created.
Control Weather: add Control Weather, to all your class spell lists.

items marked with an * are require an additional power added, it order to have strength comparable to other domains.

A note on Divine feats.
Any feat with “turn/rebuke undead” may be qualified for with the “positive/negetive energy burst” faith talent, or through the Undeath domain (rebuke), or the Sun domain (turn).
Any feat with “Channel Energy” as a prerequisite may be qualified for by having any faith power.
Any feat, or other ability that allows you to spend turn/rebuke, or channel energy uses to power them, may be activated at the cost of 2 faith points.


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